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DESIGNSBYMNK is my e-commerce jewellery business that sells both fine and fashion jewellery pieces to my clients. Since its original launch in May of 2020, I have so far released seven collections for both men and women that include a variety of different earrings, necklaces, chains, rings, bracelets and more that range from $30 – $350CAD. Besides selling high-quality pieces, I love being able to provide my customers the experience of feeling confident and excited when putting on their outfit for the day. I manage and produce all content across multiple social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and more.

In October 2022, I started a weekly, educational series called 'Jeweller's Tips' where I share tips, facts, opinions, etc. on all things jewellery. The series has 22 episodes so far with topics ranging from how to untangle necklaces, how often one should be cleaning their jewellery, how to clean jewellery pieces, outfit inspirations, and more. I started the series because I noticed a gap in the market in regard to knowledge about jewellery care and the jewellery industry at large. All videos are less than 2 minutes long, and give viewers the information necessary to learn more about topics they're interested in. I believe it's important to give my clients the resources they need to be the best jewellery owners, wearers and lovers! 

You can access the DESIGNSBYMNK shop here.

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SILENT SIMON, founded by Jonathan Guirguis and Youssef Henien, is a clothing and art brand based in Toronto. SILENT SIMON asks society to question the reality we surround ourselves with, urging citizens to be in a constant state of scepticism. Their clothing collection brings together art and technology, offering clients an experience that pushes them to think outside the regular realm while choosing how they want to present themselves each and every day. 


I got the opportunity to be a part of the creative directory team for their October 2020, June 2021, and April 2023 shows with FashionArtToronto. I worked alongside the team to produce over 30 outfits, each having a specific curation of accessories, makeup, hair, and finishing touches.


I also worked as SILENT SIMON’s social media manager from October 2020 to June 2021, curating photo and video content to bring awareness to new collections, fashion shows or art installations.

You can access the Silent Simon Instagram account here.

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Humber College Faculty of Health Science
& Wellness Journalist 

Throughout my time at Humber, I worked for the college's faculty of Health Science and Wellness as their work-study journalist. I got the opportunity to attend interprofessional education and collaboration events hosted by the faculty's Interprofessional Education (IPE) program. I interviewed students, staff and guests while taking photo and video content for the faculty's news website. 

You can access my IPE stories here

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HumberNews Instagram

As a journalism student at Humber, I got the opportunity to manage the HumberNews Instagram account as a part of my role as a desk editor for the news organization.


The journalism landscape is evolving now more than ever, and with most of news consumption being through social platforms, I thought it was time that HumberNews caught up. It's important to bring the Humber community the news and updates it wants to hear through a medium that's accessible and widely-used.

You can access the HumberNews Instagram account here.

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